2013 - Savannah

On to Savannah and a visit with Iris, Jeff, Samantha, JJ, and Olive.

Guess what? I forgot to take my camera twice.

I had a good time visiting their family. I wish they lived closer.
Had two good meals, one of which was Jeff's world famous Low Country Boil.
I could insert a picture of the mouth watering meal from previous years.
But instead I'll leave it to the viewer to look through mekkerfest.com for them.

I took this picture off of Iris' Facebook.
Showing Samantha and JJ how to draw a 5 pointed star on top of your head.
They didnít realize that I have a 5 point star grooved into the top of my head!

Another picture from Facebook - Samantha showing me her homework.

This is the first time I stayed at Skidaway State Park.
I did not take a picture of the campsite. This is a view of the road leaving the park.

Looking in the other direction. - A very lovely setting with the hanging moss.

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