2013 Fall - Deer Hunting - Part A
Georgetown, NY - November 17, 2013

I was invited to spend a couple of hours observing the activity at Kenny’s Hunting Lodge. It was a beautiful sunny day, around 30 degrees, with just a slight breeze. The temperature was below freezing every night this past week. There were snow flurries every night. The ground in the forest had a light coating of snow and around the cabin a light coating of ice. Where there was no ice there was mud.

This group of hunters have exclusive hunting rights on two parcels of land. The parcel where the lodge is located is 220 acres and the second parcel, about 3 miles up the road, contains 700 acres. They have tree stands spread around each parcel. There are many more stands than hunters in the group. No two stands are within shot of each other. Each stand is numbered and most belong to the person who built it; so they have first choice on using it. The layout is such that the trail to each stand does not pass within shot range of any other stand. In the morning each hunter decides which stand they will use that day. So everyone knows where everyone else is located. They communicate by cell phone. To save cell phone battery power they only communicate by text message. (The lodge has no power to recharge a battery.)

The hunters get in their tree stands before sunrise. They sit patiently waiting for the sunrise and then hope for a large buck to walk by and stop in a clear next to them. Most come back to the cabin for lunch; then head back out later. We arrived around noon and were able to look around the cabin, the camp area, and talk with everyone. They are all proud of what they have here and feel it is their second home.

It has been 11 or 12 years since I was here. They made many additions in the cabin. Everywhere I looked I saw homemade bunk beds and ladders. The cabin has all the comforts of a cave.

The Hunting Lodge.

During the day if you are not out hunting, then you stand around the fire.
Notice the security camera on the tree? What every modern huting lodge has!
The green tarp is to block the wind and provide shelter from the rain.

Food table on the left, Toast Bar on the right.
This picture was taken just after the toast. More on the toast bar in the next chapter.
Some of their trophys are mounted on the side of the cabin.

The kitchen wing attached to the back of the Lodge. (Only used during inclement weather.)

The cabin has running water. (Assuming the creek does not freeze.)
You run down to the creek with your pail and run back with the water!

A view looking north.

Jim and Carmine looking at pictures on the trophy door.
Some of the group are still out hunting. The rest laze around the camp waiting for word.
When they hear a shot they wait for the cell phone to ring.

Victor giving me a tour of the sleeping area.
I never thought I would see anything worse than my sleeping quarters aboard my WWII ship. Now I found it.

Helga and Ludwig discussing old hunting stories in German. I think Helga could use a heavier coat.

It looks better when they smile for the camera.

Kenny showing Ludwig (seated) past pictures of deer taken from cameras mounted in trees.
Joe (eating) and Skeeter looking on.

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