2013 Fall - Deer Hunting - Part B

There was a shot just before we arrived. All but 3 of the guys were in camp. So they were waiting for a call on the cell phone. Fortunately, the cell phones work in most areas around the cabin. Most of the guys keep busy doing odd jobs or eating lunch while they wait. After awhile Kenny told me that Joe is coming in and wait until you see what he has.

In the previous chapter I mentioned the Toast Bar. Whenever a hunter sends out a text message indicating they have a deer, the hunters in camp set up the Toast Bar. The hunter returns with the deer and tells the details of his catch. Then at lunch time or the end of the day, when most hunters return to camp, they have a congratulatory toast to the lucky hunter. There are many days when there are no toasts.

Stripping the head of a deer shot days earlier.
When finished, it will be bleached and mounted on the wall.

The camp has no lack of hunting stories. They are used to telling stories - they are all fishermen!

Cutting the head in half before putting it in the boiling bleach water.
Notice the outdoor lighting?

Yesterday Carl got his first deer ever; and it was with a bow.

Carl with his deer and the bow and arrows he used to bag it.

Joe called from his hunting spot in the woods. He bagged a deer and is coming in.
Before ATV's, they had to drag the deer back by hand. Here's Joe coming into camp.

The proud hunter returns; it's a ten pointer. One to be proud of.

Passing Carl's bow and arrows on the wood pile.

Joe's ten pointer.

When you bring a deer into camp all of the hunters share a toast.
I was asked to share in the toast. I soon learned you toast with your left hand!
Ludwig, Victor, Kenny, Joe, me, Jim, Carl, and Skeeter.

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