2013 Fall - Deer Hunting - Part C
Georgetown, NY - November 17, 2013

I never hunted before, but I know it has to be a science. It is interesting listening to each hunter explain something about what happened to them while hunting. How they bagged a deer or turkey; how the big one just did not come into range; how….. the stories go on and on. They tell them with all of the detail; the trees, brush, rain, snow, freezing temperature, hot sun, …. I like the ones best when they talk about the stupid things that happened.

When Joe came into camp with his ten pointer, there was a whole new tail to tell. Each of the guys listened intently and asked questions. Even though I am not a hunter I found the details to be very interesting. I was almost able to visualize his every movement.

It was a day well spent. I am glad I had the opportunity to be there.

Joe explaining how he shot the deer.
Interesting picture. It looks like the deer is wearing boots.

Kenny telling Carmine that Joe stopped the deer from going toward Carmine's tree stand. (joke)

Joe telling Carmine and the details of the hunt.

Helga counting the points.

Carmine, Joe, and Kenny. - Three old buddies from Long Island.

Carl with is first deer.

Joe with his deer by bow from earlier in the week and his deer by gun today.
He is one of the lucky few who has a bow tag for a buck and a gun tag for a buck.

Measuring the size of the rack.

Joe, Helga, and Kenny

Joe, Billy, and Kenny lifting the deer up.

Jim in back telling a hunting story to Carmine.

Joe with Willy. - Willy came in from his tree stand for lunch and to see Joe's deer.

Lunch time at camp.

It was a great day.

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