2013 - Outdoor Resorts - Part A

Usually our drive to Florida is uneventful. But this time while driving on I-77 in South Carolina a bad rain storm quickly hit. The sky got real dark, the wind picked up, and the rain hit like a wall of water. The traffic quickly reduced speed to about 35 mph and stayed in single file. We were afraid to stop on the shoulder thinking that someone would run into us. We could see the centerline of the road, lights of the car in front of us, and, ar times, lights of a tractor-trailer in front of it.

The rain was coming in sheets and the wind had very high gusts. I worried about our motor home’s awning coming unlatched and opening up. Fortunately, that did not happen. The high winds and rain lasted about 15 minutes. As the wind and rain slowed we noticed small branches and lots of leaves on the interstate. A light rain and wind followed off and on.

About a half-hour later we pulled off for fuel. While I was fueling, a fellow walked up to me and said that he was behind us during the storm. He said that his weather radio reported wind gusts were 50 to 60 mph. He noticed something flying off of the top of our motorhome. I looked on top and saw that the rain shield over the rear roof vent was broken; the top was missing. Because of the rain, I did not clean the windshield at the fuel stop.

The next morning, while driving, I noticed a crack (arc) about 8” long in at the bottom of my drivers windshield. When we pulled in for gas in Florida, I took a good look at the crack. The original arc was 8.5” long and there was a 1.5” arc growing off of the end in another direction. I am sure that the 1.5” arc was not there when I first noticed the crack.

We made it safely to ORA and are now enjoying ourselves. Bryant's, the owners of site 277, left the garden fountain up for us to enjoy again this year. They also sent us an e-mail welcoming us to their little piece of Paradise.

On I-95 in Florida on the way to ORA.
This is the first picture I took with the VUE behind the motorhome.

Here is the crack in the window. It has grown about 1" since we have been at ORA.

A pair of Mourning Doves like hanging around the motorhome.
They like to sit on the rearview mirrors. I think they look at their reflection.
Or maybe the wobbly solar dolls on the dashboard.

They also like to sit on the windshild wipers for some reason.

They like the VUE. Sometimes they sit on the roof rack.
Here it looks like they are making sure that our registration and inspection are up-to-date.

This was my first walk on the beach. Jimmy and Emma have it all to themselves.

He caught this one as I walked up.

Mom enjoying the sunset over the Indian river. This time of year most sites are vacant, so we can view the sunset by pulling into a vacant site without getting out of the cart at the river pool.

Looking east, we can see the rising full moon.
Mom has her jacket on because of the strong breeze.

Mom enjoying the middle pool all by herself.
Only one other person here and she is sunbathing.

Mom having a peacefull float.- It is time for me to jump in.

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