Outdoor Resorts - Part B - Zac's Family Part 1

Zac rented a park model at Outdoor Resorts at 301 Horizon Lane. At the last minute, because they were flying into and out of Orlando, they decided to stop at Disney World on the way down. So they arrived at ORA around 11 PM the day after they were supposed to.

They had a great (but tiring) time at Disney and were ready for a relaxing vacation at ORA. They spent their days either at the beach or at one of the pools.

One night we went looking for sea turtle nests. It was almost a full moon; which made it easier to move in the dark on the beach. We walked south about a quarter mile and found nothing. Then returned to the ORA beach and went north about 25 yards and found a nest.

During nesting season there are strict rules. You can only use a red lens flashlight. You cannot disturb a turtle while she is coming ashore, preparing her nest, and laying and covering her eggs. I do not take pictures until she covers the eggs and starts to destroy signs of the nest. The state does not like any flash pictures at any time and can confiscate your camera. When taking pictures in the dark there is not enough light for the viewfinder to work. So I just point the camer in the general direction and shoot. We do not see what we have until I get back to the motorhome.

Their first morning here and they are headed for the Beach.

It is the Thursday before Memorial Day and they have the beach to themselves.
The crowds will start coming in tomorrow.

Oops, Nathan took in a mouthfull of salt water. He was not prepared for that!

Nathan likes the taste of this water much better.
It is handy having this pool next to the beach so you can wash off the salt.

Ella likes it also.

When your the only one in the pool, you can do this.

and this!

Their first view of a nesting Logerhead sea turtle.
She laid, covered her eggs, and is just starting to destroy all signs of the nest by throwing sand all over. Notice her back is still almost clear of sand.

She is on the way back to the safety of the ocean.
Her right front flipper is pointed up in this picture. As she moved on the wet sand her front flipper seemed to stick. So when she picked it up to move forward it seemed to fly up then forward.

Safely holding on to Dad's hand, Nathan is willing to touch the turtle.
You can see the trail in the sand behind them which the turtle made
on her way up the beach to build the nest.

Now he is ready to touch the turtle by himself.
Unfortunately, I took the picture before he touched her.
Notice the sand on the her back now.

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