Outdoor Resorts - Part C - Zac's Family Part 2

As it turned out, a missile launch was scheduled while Zacís family were here.
A Delta IV rocket with a WGS5 (Wideband Global SATCOM) satellite for the US Air Force was launched on May 24 at 8:27. (Sunset was at 8:10 PM) The launch highlights video can be seen on the internet at http://www.ulalaunch.com/site/pages/News.shtml#/141/

We always enjoyed watching shuttle launches from the ORA beach. But since the Delta IV rocket is much smaller, we went up to Cocoa Beach to get a better view.

Of course, if you're at Cocoa Beach, you stop at Ron Jonís to get the kids some shirts!

Viewing the Delta IV lift off from a state park at Cocoa Beach.

It was a clear sky and you could follow the missile for a long way.
We were able to see the solid boosters drop off and float down.

Nathan picked out his shirt and Ella a hat.
But Mom and Dad do not want a hat for her!
So when they found a strawberry cupcake shirt she was happy.

On the way home we had to stop at Moo's for ice cream.

Now if you stop a Moo's you have to milk the cow!
Nathan found out that if you angled it you can squirt you sister!

Zac remembered that it was always nice to watch the sunset from the fishing pier.
I think he missed the peanuts and champagne.

I asked Nathan to pose for a picture with the blue heron in the background.
But I think he is taking after Zac and Luke, tongue out mouth open!

I wonder if Ella will pick up that problem.

The park area near the shuffleboard courts.
The last time Nathan was here he just learned to walk backwards. At that time he walked all through the park area backwards, even over the foot bridges.

As soon as Nathan saw the shuffleboard courts he had to find out all about them. Then we had to play. Shannon and I beat Zac and Nathan the first night then we lost the second night. We won the tie break. Nathan picked up the rules very fast and also learned to control his shots.

Well all good things must come to an end!
In one hour they have to leave for Orlando and the airplane home.

Enjoying the last few moments with Mom.

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