Outdoor Resorts - Part D - Sue's Family Part 1

Sue rented the same unit which Zac did. It is the same one she rented last year.
Sue and Hannah were here Saturday to Saturday; Sarah and Laura were here Tuesday to Saturday.
It was Sarah's first time here.
The weather was good except for Friday. There was a light rain on Friday, but they stayed on the beach under the umbrellas.

Their rental unit, 305 Horizon Lane. Sarah in the rented golf cart.

A relaxing time at the beach. Sarah is under an umbrella. Everyone else is in the water. Sue is the lifeguard
Notice the turtle tracks in the sand.

Two Ibis walking by looking for sand fleas.
The turtle tracks in the sand were made the night before.

Some people are always on the phone.

Water temperature 83 degrees, light breeze, no clouds. A perfect day except no Russ.

Dean is always up for a conversation. - No crowd at the beach or pool. Perfect!

There is nothing to do here except relax!

Every spring a mourning dove builds a new nest here at the ocean pool.

Enjoying the golf cart in the rain.

And at night!

Watching a green sea turtle lay her eggs.

Enjoying the last few moments after a hard day in paradise.

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