Outdoor Resorts - Part E - Sue's Family Part 2

Monday evening Mom decided that she would like to try and go to the Chart House on Thursday.
So we decided to buy a Travel Chair on Amazon and it was received in two days.
It was her first outing since we arrived in late April. (Not counting Urgent Care or the two trips to the hospital for blood tests.)

Tuesday I called our good friend and Chart House bartender, Kim, and asked her to reserve a special window table for six with our favorite waiter, Tom, and a special menu printed with “Welcome back Judy” on top. I also told her that Mom does not know I called. So Kim was to tell the front desk that Mom would be calling to make the same reservation. Print the menus with whatever Mom wanted but make sure they print one which Welcomes Judy. She would be the one in the wheelchair.

Everything worked out great.

Kim put a Bird-of-Paradise flower from her garden on the window table along with a small present for Mom.
Unfortunately the photographer (me) was more interested in Mom's new chair than seeing that Hannah was blocked. - Sorry Hannah.

While we were eating we noticed this blue heron stopping by for fresh seafood.

We were wondering how that wide fish would fit in that small mouth.



Not yet! He dicided that he did not like us watching and walked off!

Our waiter Tom. We have known him for about 6 years.

Dinner is over and we are getting ready to go. I seem to forget to take the pictures when the entrees are served.

After the Chart House, Sue stopped by Jimmy and Emma for a visit.

At Emma and Jimmy's.

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