Outdoor Resorts - Part H - Jimmy and the Sea Turtle

The day before we left, Jimmy asked me to take him looking for a nestng sea turtle. Walking the beach each day allows me to see how many nests were built the night before. This past week has seen a lot of nesting activity. So I told Jimmy we should head for the beach around 10 PM.

We were lucky. It was in the high 70's, with just a slight breeze, small surf, and just the stars to guide us. There was no moon out. The turtles would have a hard time seeing us. Jimmy has a hard time walking so I let him sit in the sand while I looked for a nest. I walked south about 200 yards and no luck. Headed back north and about 25 yards north of where Jimmy was sitting I saw the turtle tracks in the sand. I quietly went followed the tracks and found the turtle still making her nest. I went back for Jimmy and he was surprised that I was north of him. It was too dark and he did not see me walk by. I use my red lens flashlight but only when I have a hard time seeing. The star light was good enough to see the turtle tracks. I only use the light to inspect the nest.

We walked to where the tracks were and Jimmy sat down in the sand and waited until the turtle started to lay her eggs. We were able to get some good pictures.

This is what the nesting turtle looks like as you follow it's trail up from the water.
They normally face away from the water when nesting.
I took this picture as we were leaving. It was about 11:15 PM

Jimmy watching the sea turtle.
She can care less about us now. She has work to do.

I'm usually on the other end of the camera!

She is slowly filling the nest with eggs.
The nest is a about 18" deep and 10" in diameter.
That is her left rear flipper in the lower left of the picture.

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