Thanksgiving 2013 - Getting Ready

This is our first Thanksgiving without Mom. I wanted to have the same sit down turkey dinner that Mom gave us each Thanksgiving. I did cut some corners which she would have never done.

The invitations went out. 59 were invited but only 36 were able to attend the dinner. Although this is the first time I am making a turkey dinner, those who did not attend the dinner said that they already committed to their in-laws. (That was an easy out.) some that attended the dinner left before desert to go to in-laws. Others who did not attend dinner did come for desert.

The house has been cleaned, and the tables and chairs set up. Letís see what it looks like before the crowd arrives. (Thanksgiving eve)

The kitchen prior to preparing the turkey.

We need the kitchen table for breakfast. So we will put the white table cloth on after.

The table for the littleones.

The family room loaded with chairs.

Dining room tables dressed and ready.

Where ever a table fits we have one.

The wall of fame in the family room.
Top row: High School Graduation pictures. 3rd row down: Wedding pictures.
Small pictures on the bottom: Grandchildren.

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