Thanksgiving 2013 - Preparing the Turkey

After looking at Mom’s recipe book I realized that not all the details were included for the complete dinner. One important thing missing was her recipe for turkey gravy. That was my biggest challenge. I used the internet and found a million “easy and worlds best turkey gravy recipes.” The internet was no help. I knew most of the basic ingredients by watching Mom over the years. So the week before Thanksgiving I made a roast chicken and tried what I felt was her recipe. It worked out great, so that’s what I used and now documented in her recipe book.

Maria helping make the turkey stuffing. - browning the onions with parsley.

Mixing the 28 eggs and 23 cups of breading together and almost ready for the oinons and parsley.

Its midnight and time to stuff the two turkeys (22 pounds on the left, 20 1/2 on the right.)

Ready for the overn.

Basting the 22 pounder in the main over.

Basting the 20.5 pounder in the wall overn. The kitchen smells great!

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