2014 - Cleveland Visit - Part A

The scheduled reunion and introduction to Diane’s fiancé, Robert did not work out. There was a snowstorm which kept Diane and Robert from attending. But Elmer still held the reunion and we had a good meal and the opportunity to bring each other up-to-date with the happenings in Ohio and New York. The reunion was held at Dubrovnik Garden Croatian Lodge in Eastlake, where he meets friends every week. Good menu, good food, and good service. Very enjoyable! Thanks Elmer.

Reunion #1 - We are joking with the waitress, who is taking the picture.
Seated L>R: Ron, Mary Lee, Joe, Dottie, Jim, Tish.
Standing L>R: Elmer Jr., Marty, Me, Elmer Sr.

Dinner with Marge at the Wild Mango in North Olmsted. We had a nice private booth with curtains.
A perfect place to talk quietly and reminisce. I haven't seen her since 1957.

Having dinner at Beth and Elmer Jr. in Mentor.

Having lunch at the Dolphin Family Restaurant in Northfield with more friends from the 1950’s.
L>R: Mary Ann, Sharon, Me, Ray, Elmer.
The last time I saw Mary Ann was in 2007 for a short visit. It was 1957 before that.
Ray came up from Florida for this one day of visiting. I haven't seen him since 1954.

I finally got to meet Sharon's husband, Ed. Ed provided the strudle for dessert at their home in Brecksville
With Ed’s permission, Sharon and I have been pen-pals for 5 months.
The last time I saw Sharon was in early 1956.

Ray, Marge, Me, Elmer at Marge's condo in Westlake.

I had lunch with Joe and his wife, Gloria, at Carrabba's in Brook Park.
Except for a brief visit in 2009, the last time I saw Joe he was an usher in my wedding in 1958.
When we parted in 2009 he said I'll see you in 50 years. I was able to improve on that!

Lunch with Joe, Dottie, Elmer, and Denny at the Home Town Buffet in Mentor. Thanks Joe.
Denny is Dottie’s nephew. His hobby is renewing old cars.
I haven seen Denny since Dottie and Joe’s wedding in 1954.

This is one of two cars Denny is renewing.
This will be a yellow cab when finished; complete with a manikin in the back seat.

Dinner with Terry at the Cabin in Willowick. I haven't seen her since 1956.
It is a small world. Her son delivers mail to my brother, Elmer.

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