2014 - Cleveland Visit - Part B

I came to Cleveland for the reunion and to meet Robert. Also to meet old friends. Which meant we would do a lot of talking and eating. Well my sister, Mary Lee, felt I should do something to improve my intellect. So we went to the Crawford Auto-Aviation museum.

Elmer's second attempt at the reunion was not hampered by a snow storm. So we finally got to meet Robert. Good food, good company, and lots of laughs. Thanks Elmer for two meals. I usually forget to take pictures until after the meal is finished. This time you get to see the start of the main course.

This is just one of many cars on display.
I have a lot of pictures but forgot to record make, model, and year.

A 1931 motorhome with tip-out beds.

We could not look inside. It would have been interesting to see the details inside.

Ron, Mary Lee, and Elmer at the second reuniona at Dubrovnik Garden Croatian Lodge in Eastlake.

Elmer, Dottie, Joe, and Elmer Jr. waiting to dig in!

Elmer Jr., Jim, Diane, Robert, and Marty. Marty is not waiting!
Diane ordered schnitzel because “this is the only place that has it.”
I think she spent too much time in NYC or Berger King. Robert has some work to do!

Robert, I wonder what Diane will do when she sees this picture?

Having a good time at Elmer's house.
Yes we did joke and laugh a lot all evening. It was a great time.

The end to a perfect evening. Robert, welcome to the family.

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