2014 - Cleveland Visit - Part C

Julie, who I havenít seen since 1954, and her husband, Philip asked us to meet them at Saint Elizabeth Church. Julie and Philip designed and built the Hungarian museum in the basement of the church. Themuseum displays shows the history of Saint Elizabeth parish. It also has displays of Saint Margaret of Hungary parish, where I went to grade school. Saint Elizabeth's is a Hungarian parish and is located in the near east side of the city. Most of the population has moved away from this part of Cleveland.

Our first meeting had to be cancelled due to a snow storm. So we changed our plans to meet Sunday at the 9 AM mass and then visit the museum afterwards. It snowed Saturday night but not enough to keep us from attending mass and visiting the museum.

Saint Elizabeth Church is very beautiful.
The mass is ready to start and only 13 or 14 people are present. One is the organist.

The statue of Saint Elizabeth

Rich, Mary Ann (Rich's wife), Me, Elmer, Julie, and Phil (Julie's husband)
We just had coffee and donuts and are ready to view the museum.
I haven't seen Rich and Julie since 1954; and just met Mary Ann and Phil.

Getting a guided tour of the Hungarian museum from Phil and Julie.
L>R: Phil, Mary Ann, Elmer, Julie, Ann (Julie's sister), and Rich.

While staying at Karen's home we had coffee every morning in her "Morning Room." It has a beautiful view which overlooks the valley below and the distant hills. It turns into the "Sunset Room" in the evening. On a distant hill there is a water tower. She thought it was in Brecksville. I told her that it was too close to be Brecksville. So I had her get in the car and we zig-zagged in that direction until I found the water tower. It was hard to find because of all the buildings and trees.

So it was not in Brecksville. Now she can tell everyone where the water tower is.
I'll send her a picture so she will not forget it!

We also had a nice visit with Steve.

Steven and his son Cody.
Steven took Karen and me to dinner at Bongiorno's in Twinsburg, where Cody works.
The food was great but the waiter seemed to spend a lot of time at our table.
The pizza was for Cody to take home after work.

Me, Karen,Tracy, and Steven. - After eating!!!!
As usual, I forgot to take the picture when the food was served.

Gypsy - It took some time before he would accept me.
Actually, it took me bringing him cheeseburgers daily to accept me.

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