2014 - Quepos, Costa Rica - Part B - In-Law Apartment

The In-Law apartment was completely isolated from the main house. It has itís own entrance and was reached by walking through the garden. Itís keys did not unlock the doors to the main house. So the first morning I had to knock on the front door to get in. I now have a set of keys to the main house.

Walking through the garden to my apartment. The entrance door is past the falls.

The master bedroom patio is above my kitchen. Notice the rain drain grate in the lower right.
My Iguana friend lives in there.

Like the main house, the apartment is loaded with windows and no curtains.

It has a small living room which overlooks it's private patio and the valley below.

A very comfortable bed and air conditioning.

A very different looking sink in the bathroom. The shower controls are in reverse to ours.
I did not realize that until the second day, so I took a cold shower the first night.

Kenny walking from his bedroom.
As I walk to the apartment, I get to see everyone walking between rooms in main house.

Frank standing on the wall next to the main pool.

It really is a beautiful house.

I see this Iguana outside my apartment door almost every night and morning. There is a large rain drain grate just outside my door. He normally sticks his head out as I approach. When I get too close he hides. This morning he was sunning himself on top of the grate. I opened the door to leave and he looked at me for a few seconds while I stood still, then he took off running.

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