2014 - Quepos, Costa Rica - Part C - Main House part 2

Here are some more pictures of the Main House.

Looking down the steps at the front entrance as viewed from the road.
The water on either side of the walk flows through the entrance to the water falls on the back of the house.

The cars park under the house. The drive is very steep.

If you back up and out of the drive you have to be careful not to hit this planter, Frank.

The vegetation is very dense all around the house.

The master bedroom has patios on three sides. This one is on the front side.

Now that Isaac and Brianna are gone, Willy has Bedroom #2 all to himself.
Bedroom #2 is under Bedrooom #1.

Willy's bedroom.

I think this is his day bed. The other one is used at night.

This is Bedroom #1. It has a patio (on the left) on the front side of the house.
Frank and Rosa used this room.

The view out the back of the house from Bedroom #1.

Approaching the Master Bedroom on the back of the house.

Master bedroom - Looking at the front patio.

Master bedroom - Looking at the side patio.

Master bedroom - Looking at the back patio.

The walkway leading back to the living room and pool from the master bedroom.

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