2014 - Quepos, Costa Rica - Part D - Around the town

Our first full day here we spent relaxing. That is after doing some food shopping, walking through the what we would call the "Farmers Market" and then going to see the Moon Walker for my first time.

While walking through the farmer's market we came across this U.S. Mail truck which one of the farmers is using to haul stock. Terri had to get her picture taken standing next to it. She really misses her job!

Shopping in the local supermarket. Willy wanted to buy enough beer to last until he had to leave for home.

Kenny only let him buy one six pack!

Frank and Rosa wanted me to see the Manuel Antonio National Park. But the park monitors how many people are in it and they told us it was full. So we went to Espadilla Beach instead and had a refreshing swim. It was Saturday and very crowded. This is the view of the un-crowded part of the beach.

A vendor selling cold drinks.

Frank and me coming back from a swim.

Looking across the marina at a four masted Windjammer Cruise (sail) ship.

The Moon Walker just returned from a days charter. We met the crew and the rental manager.

Kenny standing on the dock with Leanne, The Moon Walker manager.

The Moon Walker is the second boat. Notice all of the fishing gear ready for tomorrow's trip.

Only part of the marina. It is well kept and very secure.

The Wind Jammer leaving for it's next port. Notice the sails starting to deploy.

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