2014 - Quepos, Costa Rica - Part E - Fishing Part 1

On Sunday evening, Kenny told us to be ready to leave for the Moon Walker by 6:30 AM. I worked on the website input until about 11 PM, set the my alarm on my watch, and went to bed. I woke to a loud banging on my apartment door. I went to the door to see a security guard with flashlight pointed at his security monogram on his shirt. I opened the door and he started speaking Spanish and pointing up the hill toward the main house. I assumed I over slept and Kenny sent him to wake me. I told him I would get dressed ASAP, but he would not let me close the door. Instead he pulled me out onto the grass and pointed up at the cars parked under the house. I assumed he wanted me to meet Kenny at the cars. I started back into the apartment and he kept yelling at me and pointing to his flashlight and then making the motion of turning a steering wheel. Pointing at the light and shaking his head and pointing at the cars. Then I said “Car Lights are on?” He started nodding and I told him I would get dressed and take a look. I went back in and put on my bathing suit and sandals, put on my glasses and looked at my watch. It was only 12:45 and too early to get up for fishing. I went up to the cars and saw a very dim headlight on Kenny’s car. The security guard was up on the road nodding his head. I went in the house and could not find the keys to the car so I had to wake Kenny. He came out and tried to start the car; the battery was dead. I motioned to the security guard that we wanted to jumper the cars together and he nodded his head and drove his car down into the yard, took out the most flimsy jumper cables I ever saw, and raised his hood. But everything worked great. He saved the day. We had two carloads of people who would have had to climb into one car to get to the marina if we did not get notified about the dead battery. I was able to get by with just hand signals. I'm sure if Rosa was there she would have been laughing.

I learned a lot watching the crew perform on the Moon Walker. You can hear someone talk about the effort, but until you see it you will never comprehend it. After all Kenny has told me over the years, I was surprised to see the amount of effort, equipment, and technique used to fish. When fully deployed there are fishing poles and lines all over the place. Only a few have bait and hooks which are used to catch the fish. The remaining lines have “teasers” of various types which are used to simulate other fish and schools of fish which are used to draw larger fish to the bait lines.

When a fish grabs a bait line and it’s drag sound is heard, everyone jumps into action. The crew’s job is to first set the hook then they have to get all of the other lines out of the water. Some of the lines are off the flying bridge. So the captain, Kevin, has to bring in his lines as well as control the boat. He has to keep the fish behind the boat and aids the fisherman by backing up toward the fish. It is a lot more complex than that, but this will give you a flavor as to what is happening.

We are on the way out to sea. Rosa and Frank on the left. Keller, the 1st mate on the right.

Brianna watching the rising sun, or maybe the first mate.

Isaac making sure his fingers are working this early in the morning
or counting the fish he wants to catch.

Looking at the massive 405 hp Cummins engine.

While we were sitting and enjoying the ride;
the 1st mate, Keller, was continuously working with the equipment and bait.

Kenny watching Keller deploy some of the teasers.

Here you can see just 3 of the, at least, 20 lines which are being deployed.
The black line has a dasy chain teaser grouping in the center of the picture.
The right white line has a group of orange squid teasers at the top center of the picture.

The hook is set in a sailfish and Keller is handing me the pole.

The sailfish is jumping around trying to get free of the hook.

Keller telling me when to reel in and when to pull up.

The fish is almost at the boat and Keller is pulling on the line, getting ready to grab it.

The sailfish is next to the boat.

Keller getting ready to pull the fish out and set it on my lap.

At last, my first sailfish.

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