2014 - Quepos, Costa Rica - Part F - Fishing Part 2

It is now Frank, Rosa, and Isaac turn to catch fish.

Frank bring in a large sailfish.

This is a still shot from a video camera. The color is off but is a great shot of the fish jumping.

Frank is still fighting and so is the sailfish.

He is getting it closer to the boat. Still lots of fight left.

This is about the same picture but from the flying bridge.

The sailfish made a run at the boat and you can see the line slacken.
The slack line cause the hook to dislodge about now and Frank lost it.

Enjoying fresh pineapple with Willy during a lull in the fishing.

Terri and Kenny's Subway shop on the Moon Walker.

Fishing for smaller fish. Frank getting ready to jump in the water and watch from below the surface.

Frank watching Isaac's line underwater.

Isaac's Bonito fish.

Rosa's Bonito fish.
Frank is climbing back into the boat after watching from below the surface Rosa land the fish.

Frank made video of both Isaac's and Rosa's fishes being landed.

Frank had a chance to land a Bonito himself.

Brianna was able to drive the boat when the captain was below.
He told her to head for that mountain. She wasn't sure which one.

Captain Kevin, Brianna, and 1st mate Keller

Brianna filling up after a long day driving the boat.

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