2014 - Quepos, Costa Rica - Part G
Parque Nacional Manuel Antonio

Terri and I had a great day hiking the trails in this jungle park.

Anaconda restaurant in the Costa Verde Hotel.
We started the day with breakfast overlooking another beautiful bay.
The bright light from the ocean washed out the view in the picture.

This is the view we had for breakfast.

Every now and then a visitor would walk by in the trees looking for handouts.

This airplane has two bedrooms and is part of the hotel.

Another view from the Costa Verde hotel.
The peninsula is part of the National Park we will be hiking in.

Two bats hanging upside down under a palm leaf in the National Park.

This is a very large butterfly. Unfortunalely, it's wings are closed.
When they are open in flight, they are a very bright blue.

There are monkeys all over watching the tourist go by.

Hiking up one of the trails.

A view of another bay from one of the trails.

This guy was watching us walk out onto the beach.

Terri looking at one of the many bays in the park with beautiful beaches.

This iguana is also enjoying the beach.

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