2014 - Quepos, Costa Rica - Part H
Parque Nacional Manuel Antonio - part 2

More pictures from our walk in the park.

One of the more popular beaches in the park. Notice, every spot of shade is taken.

I wonder if views like this get boring if you live here?

Viewing the last beach before leaving the National Park.

We have been hiking for over four hours. I am ready to go back and jump in the pool!

But first a light lunch? Another one of Terri's favorites - Salipuedes restaurant.

Terri's light lunch.

And another great view.

While Terri and I toured the National Park, the rest went fishing for eating fish.
This is one of two Red Snappers which Willy caught.

A Rooster fish which Kenny caught.

Kenny preparing the Rooster fish.

Three plates of Red Snapper and one of Grouper.
We took some of the fish to Barba Roja, another favorite restaurant. In Costa Rica it is very common for fishermen to bring their catch to a restaurant for them to prepare.

The Grouper looks ugly, but it tastes great.

We finished the evening playing 31. Willy is dreaming of going to bed!

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