2014 - Quepos, Costa Rica - Part J
Catching the Sailfish - Fishing Part 4

This was our second day fishing for Sailfish

Willy has one on the line. Kenny is getting ready to jump in and make a video under water.

It is still fighting Willy.

And fighting.

Kenny is heading for Willy's sailfish.

Kenny came up to report that Willy has one hooked and there is a second sailfish lurking in the background. Keller takes a baited rod and tries to hook the second sailfish.

Kelvin is trying to pull in Willy's fish.

It is a fighter.

Finally it is on board for a picture.

Kenny videoed all the action from below.

Kelvin jumped in with the sailfish to help revive it. We recommend that you do not try this at home!

Kelvin is still under water pulling the fish to revive it.

Kenny is still shooting the video.

The fish swims off and Kelvin is heading back to the boat.

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