2014 - Quepos, Costa Rica - Part K
Continuing our second day fishing - Fishing Part 5

Kenny has one hooked.

Kenny's jumper.

Kelvin removing the hook.

He is still fighting. Kelvin is having a hard time removing the hook.

Kenny's sailfish.
With Ron, Grandpa, Kelvin, Terri, Willy and Kenny.

Releasing the fish after it is revived.

Keller preparing a pineapple treat.

Kelvin and my second sailfish. Much bigger than the first.
The first time they said that the old man catches young fish.
This time it was old man catches old fish. The crew calls me Papa.

We were out about 30 miles and did not get back until the setting sun.

Having a drink at the bar with the crew.
Willy, Papa, Kelvin, Kenny, Keller, and Kevin.

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