2014 - Quepos, Costa Rica - Part L - Dominical

My last day in Costa Rica was spent sightseeing and of course, eating. We went to a little village called Dominical. It is located down the coast from Quepos and is in a low cost district; where many Americans live out of backpacks in $8/night hostels. We had lunch in a restaurant called Tortilla Flats. Afterwards we walked around window shopped. Actually, Terri wanted to buy a sun dress but did not find anything she liked.

Then we headed for a falls which was hard to find and down on a very long, bumpy, dirt road.

Looking up the street from in front of the restaurant.
On the right and after the blue restaurant on the left are the booths of stuff and clothes.

Lunch at Tortilla Flats.

The view out of the restaurant toward the ocean. The sun was too bright.

The sun is still too bright over the water.

The ocean is calm but the waves are large. Good surfboarding.

Still looking for that sun dress.

We hiked back in to the falls.

Looking up we saw this spider on a leaf over our heads. - It was about 8" from leg to leg.

People were climbing the up the wall to a ledge to jump in;
Others were on top getting ready to slide down the falls.

Down he comes. - It takes all kinds!

Here comes fellow number two. The girl on the right is still getting up her nerve.

The chubby girl came down and the boy on the left feels he climbed up too far.

The last jerk decided to come down head first.

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