2014 - Quepos, Costa Rica - Part M - My last days

I am finishing up my stay here. We had great weather every day, I had a very good learning experience fishing, saw some good sights, and had outstanding food (what else with Terri and Kenny in charge of food). I also had an unforgettable worst Margareta. It was my own fault, Ron warned me!

The second night before leaving we took some of the red snapper and shrimp to another restaurant, the Gondola. The restaurant owner, an Italian woman who cannot speak English, leases space from the owner of the hotel, Tres Banderas. The hotel owner, Andy, is Polish. His son, Andre, runs the bar. Kenny dropped off the fish and shrimp and told them how he wanted them prepared. Kenny and Terri really liked the walnut gravy they put on the fish. It is outstanding. We were served the fish and shrimp family style.

At the bar we met Andy, the hotel owner, and his son, Andre, the bartender. The bar menu had manhattans on it. It was the first time I noticed that drink on a menu here, Judyís drink. So I asked Andre if he made a good Manhattan. He said the best; would I like gin or vodka and we all laughed. So I had him make it, under my direction, in front of me. It turned out good and he put in a cherry. Judy always requested a cherry but very seldom ate it. Everytime I took a sip of Manhattan I thought of Mom sitting next to me. I felt she was always next to me on this trip but the Manhattan made her feel closer. When I left the cherry in the empty glass, he was dissapointed and mentioned to me I forgot to eat the cherry. I said that my wife never ate the cherry. He just looked at me.

Then I talked with Andy about Poland. He was from Warsaw. I told him Judy and I visited Gdanska off of a cruise shi p. Then we somehow got to talking about my favorite vodka, Belvedere. The next thing I knew he put a shot of vodka in front of me and said taste this; it is Fiddler vodka and can only be bought in Poland. It was very smooth. I did not try to compare it with a shot of Belvedere because I was drinking a Manhattan. When I got home I found out that you can buy Fiddler online in the US.

My last sunset at the house.

The plate at the top has the shrimp with black olives and below it the red snapper with walnut gravy.
We really finished that off fast.

The kitchen is in the background. Everything is out in the open and you can watch them prepare the food.

This is the Catholic Church in Quepos. There is no name on it and it is listed only as "Quepos Catholic Church" in the phone book. The statue near the top is of the Virgin Mary. Terri is standing out front. The bell tower is being resurfaced worked and there is scaffolding on top of itís cross.

The interior of the church is very airy and beautiful. It has a wooden ceiling, no kneelers, and no glass in the windows. The nativity scene is still up.

A typical road in Quepos. The gutters on each side of the road are about 8" deep.

Kenny, Ron, Willy, and me.
They brought Willy and me to this swim up bar to watch our last sunset.

A monkey watching the monkeys (us) drinking and standing in the water at the bar.

I do not know the name of the drink which I was drinking. But, it was very good.
The water is pumped into this pool and it overflows the wall behind us and is channeled to a lower pool.

This sight really got us laughing.
Ron has a swim suit on but his reflection makes it look like he is standing nude.

That is a real sunset behind Kenny.

Sharing my last sunset with Terri. That is Willy trying to steal the show!

We ate in on our last night. Kenny and Ron, besides being a great cooks, always present the meal like it is in a restaurant. Here we have the colorful vegetables, and chicken & rice.....

.... along with coconut shrimp and salad.

Take a bow, Kenny and Ron.

For breakfast, bacon, scrambled eggs with cheese an Ron's world famous home fry potatoes.

Ron was flipping them just like they do on the cooking channel.

The Quepos air port runway. Waiting for the plane to come and get us.

There is our "puddle jumper" flight to San Jose's international airport.

That is the isle between the rows of seats.
One double seat on the right, one single on the left.

A view of the marina where the Moon Walker is docked.

When we got back to Syracuse we were greeted with snow and the mule with tire chains.

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