Salzburg, Austria - Part A

Our trip started with an unexpected layover in Washington. The plane out of Syracuse left too late to make our connecting Lufthansa to Munich flight. So we ended up going to a hotel at midnight. Dulles is a large airport and one which makes it impossible to quickly go from concourse to concourse. When we arrived at Dulles airport in Washington DC, we were at the end of concourse C and had to get to the end of concourse B. When we went down to catch the train which connects the concourses, it was late at night and only one train was running. We were told it would be faster if we ran to the gate because the train just left. We ran like mad up stairs and down stairs and up stairs, and then the full length of Concourses A and B. When we arrived at the gate they just closed the door. Airline rules state that they cannot open the door once it is closed. Then we had to go back to the original concourse to see customer service. We decided to make it an easy walk. When we arrived at United customer service there was a long line. People were yelling at the United personnel. That is one job which requires a lot of patience. The woman who handled our problem was very good and tried many different connections to get us on a plane to Munich. We knew that we lost a day and decided to make the best of it. We ended up joking with her as she worked. The woman working next to her was listening to us and started laughing and said we really should not be caught laughing in this job. We were rebooked for the next day on United flights from Washington to Chicago and then to Munich. It meant that we would spend one less day in Salzburg. But on the good side, Frank was able to get us upgraded.

We arrived in Munich, took a train to Salzburg, and then a bus to Otto's home. I have been communicating with Otto over the internet for years, but have never met him in person. It was nice meeting my second cousin and making the trip to Romania with him. We got along very well and it was handy having him as a translator. He gave us two good days touring Salzburg. We could not have had a better guide of Salzburg. He knows so much history and even the architecture of various buildings. We lucked out, it was all sun and just a few clouds.

These seats are great! Thanks Frank.

The chair makes into a bed. This allowed us to sleep well and be rested for the next day.

Otto's house. Terri and I slept on the second floor and Otto on the third.
His kitchen is on the third floor.

The garage is attached to the house - it's a tight fit for his car.

Having breakfast with Otto. He makes his own bakery and bread.

The view from his third floor rear porch. The mountain in the background is on our schedule to visit today.

My new camera has a X35 zoom. You can see a paraglider in the air.

We are on top. That is Otto's CitroŽn diesel which rides well and has great mileage.

There are mountains and valleys all around.

Terri asking a question about something far away.

That's Salzburg below and Otto's house is in there somewhere.

Otto's home office.

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