Salzburg, Austria - Part 3

Otto is a very good tour guide. His knowledge of Salzburg history and architecture is outstanding. He also is enthusiastic and proud of his city, its people, and the area around it. We walked for miles every day and climbed hundreds of steps. It seemed we always went up - never down!

We visited countless churches and building. I should have taken a recorder! I do not remember all of the names but when I look at the pictures the scenes are all in my head. Just the names are missing. I had a very hard time limiting the pictures to the few on this website.

Mozart's wife's grave and memorial.

One of several bridges over the Salzach river which flows through the middle of Salzburg.

Another view of the fortress.

As we walk through Old Salzburg, we are headed for the top of another mountain.

One of the many sets of stairs we had to climb.

On the top, what do we find? A bust of Mozart.

Looking down on the city you can see another interesting looking bridge.
You will see what is interesting later.

Looking across at the fortress. Notice the tram tracks going up to the right side of the fortress? We were all toured out and decided not to walk over there for the ride.

Looking at the tram with my telephoto lens.

This church is part of the Kapuzinerkloster (Capuchin monastery) which is on top of the mountain. As we were leaving the church we noticed a winding road which led to the bottom of the mountain. Along that road were the Stations of the Cross. So we walked down and viewed the stations backwards.

The 12th. station, Jesus dies on the cross.

The 10th. station, Jesus is stripped of his garments

Looking back up the road. The part of the first station is on the right.
Station 2 is a short way up the road on the right.
Station 3, is at the second light poll. Then the road continues under the building and up the hill.


In one of the government buildings around the garden.
Notice where everyone seems to touch the statues?

Dwarf Park (part of Mirabellgarten)

A different type of slide.

Back to the bridge. Notice the things hanging on the sides just below the railings?

We have to get closer than this.

They are locks which couples locked to the chain link. They put their names and the date on the lock and then after locking it to the chain link, they threw the key into the river. Signifying that they would be together until the key is found.

I forgot one more picture from the top of the mountain. Hotel Stein.

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