Salzburg, Austria - Part 4

It is time to leave Salzburg and head for Romania. Here are the last few pictures from Salzburg. They are followed by our drive to Romania.

The day we left Salzburg we met Otto’s friend, Anuta. She was very pleasant to have along. We did have a language barrier but that quickly passed. When Otto was not available to translate for us we used hand signs and gestures which resulted in many laughs. While driving I sat up front to help Otto with the map and look for landmarks. Terri sat in back with Anuta and she learned to communicate with her much faster then I did. They seemed to laugh a lot.

Our first days drive was from Salzburg, Austria, to Mosonmagyarovar, Hungary. Which is just short of Budapest.

The shopping district in old Salzburg. Notice how unique store signs are.

We came across a wedding in this square. The newlyweds are now leaving in the carriage.

One of the many beautiful churches we visited.

This old cemetery surrounds an old church. Terri is has to read every gravestone.

It is time to head for Romania. It is pouring rain. We had sunshine everyday until now.

Otto is bringing out the last of the bags. Trunk area was full with suitcases and his photography equipment.

The rain stopped as we arrived at our first stop. Mosonmagyarovar, Hungary.

Minerva Hotel. It was a nice hotel with friendly staff.
Terri and I enjoyed drinks and conversation with the staff in the basement bar/restaurant.
We used Euros in Austria. Now we have to learn Forint rates.

Otto wanted to show us the Danube river. But this map shows that it is about 6 miles away.

But we selected a trail and headed in that direction.

It drizzled off and on as we walked. We crossed over a canal and watched this family go up cannel.

You never know what you will find in a town square. Terri just loved this guy.

Now we are trying to figure out which way is the center of town.
I have to keep my camera under my rain jacket to keep it dry.

We found the center of town and a good restaurant.

It is time to head back to the hotel. I wonder which direction we should go.
We leave in the morning for a short stop in Budapest then on to Romania.

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