Onward to Romania

It is now Sunday and our route to Romania is taking us through Budapest, Hungary. We have to be in Satu Mare, Romania by this evening. Otto made arrangements to be at the Roman Catholic Satu Mare archdiocese archives for Monday morning. They are only open Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays. We did not want to miss a day at the archives. So we don’t have too many hours for sightseeing while driving to Romania.

The route we travel is mainly on the autobahn. In most places it is better (wrt pot holes and construction) than our interstate system. We did come to a newly opened section just before leaving Hungary. It seemed that nobody new about the opening. The trip kit from the auto club indicated that it was still under construction. We were one of the only cars for kilometers.

The plan was for us to locate Otto’s cousin Joschi’s flat. We would meet Joschi and his wife Irena. Then go to our hotel. Otto and Anuta would be staying in Joschi’s flat. Joschi and his wife would drive to Terebesti and stay with his brother Laszi. In our family tree they are Joseph and Laszlo. What I did not know at the time was Otto did not know the exact location of the flat. He did have the address. But house and flats are not marked as clearly in Romania as they are in the US and Austria.

We walked around the buildings in the area of the address which Otto had. We could not find Joschi or his flat. Otto came across a woman and her daughter walking nearby and showed her the address. She then led us from building to building looking at mail boxes in each entry. It took about 15 minutes and I heard Otto shout out “that’s him, that’s Joschi, that’s my cousin” we finely fond Joschi’s mail box. We thanked the woman and she walked off proud that she was able to help these foreigners. (Two Austrians traveling with two Americans in Hungary; neither could speak Hungarian.)

As we were passing through Budapest Otto decide to show us the city. He took us to an overlook near the top of this hill which has the Citadella Folklór Étterem on top. When we parked the car, Otto felt that we would take a quick look and leave. So he did not purchase a parking ticket at the kiosk.

We did not have the time to tour the Citadella, but we did get a good view of Budapest. As we passed through, Terri and I made mental notes as to what we wanted to see when we would be returning in eight days.

We only spent about 10 minutes at the overlook. When we returned to the car it was too late. This gentleman was writing out a parking ticket. They also have a kiosk for paying parking tickets. So Otto was able to pay before leaving.

After we left Budapest we also stopped and quickly toured the Gödöllo Royal Palace. It is the largest Baroque style castle in Hungary and was built in the 1730’s. We made a quick pass at the grounds and some rooms.

But before leaving, we did have time for coffee and some great pastry.

This is the toilet at one of the newly opened rest stops. I did not see anything like this since 1960 in Japan. Terri was surprised when she opened the door. The men's stall was cleaner than the ladies.

We are on the street where Joschi’s flat is located. His building is the one which has the red sign over the store front. Notice the building attached to the back of that building. There is no entrance to it except on the side street. But since it is part of the front building it’s address is the main street. All of the buildings on the main street have 1 or 2 or 3 buildings attached to their backs.

This is the entrance to Joschi's building. We had to come in the entrance to this parking area to find it. His flat is on the fifth floor on the left. With no elevator I am glad we only had to climb it once or twice a day.

Getting ready for dinner with Joschi, Terri, Otto, Anuta and Irena.

Our hotel, the Casa Le Baron. It was newly openned. We were the first to use our suite.

We have a key fob which opens the gate. One button for walkers (one gate partial open) another button for car (both gates wide open). Entrance to the hotel was in back.

Our kitchen. The manager was still bring in things. We needed a wastebasket, paper towels, and some utensils. He was very accommodating and quickly bought what we needed. Everything was new and never used.

My bedroom.

Terri's bedroom was slightly smaller but it had this balcony; which she used whenever we came back from our long walks or drives. She enjoys the sun, just like her mother did.

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