Satu Mare, Romania - Part 1

Otto had to request entry to the Satu Mare Roman Catholic archdiocese archives months in advance. This was done before I agreed to accompany him. He found out that only the people identified on the approved application would be allowed entry. So it was decided that Terri and I would use Otto’s car to visit other villages while Otto and Anuta were at the archives. Otto needed the car on Monday to take his photography equipment to the archive. The rest of the time they would walk from the hotel. Otto was able to set up his equipment in a viewing room which was locked at night. So he was able to leave the equipment there for two weeks. The walk from our hotel to the flat was .6 mile. The walk from the flat to the archives was 1.1 miles. (Google maps has all of the streets and even street views.)

On Monday Terri and I walked to the center of Satu Mare city. On the way we found an ATM and were able to draw out Romanian Lei. We stopped in what we thought was a sidewalk café for breakfast. Only to find out it was a coffee shop and they only served coffee! So we had a coffee and then hunted for a restaurant. From our hotel to the city park was 1.3 miles; but we never walked straight there. We just wandered around. We soon found out that some merchants would not accept the large denomination currency which the ATM's gave out.

We met every evening at the flat and discussed the day. Then we would go out for dinner. While at the archives, Otto took as many pictures as he could. Which meant he did not take the time study the data. Only to verify that the pictures were in focus. The first week he took over 2000 pictures and about the same the second week. Analyzing this data would not start until we returned home.

While walking around Satu Mare city we came across this shoe store.
Al Bundy's Shoes - Did you ever wonder what happened to the TV show? I guess it moved here!

Satu Mare's city park.

What’s a park without a fountain.....

... and a statue of a famous person?

Catedrala Romano-Catolica Înaltarea Domnului
(Roman Catholic Cathedral of the Ascension)

A very beautiful cathedral.

The Blessed Virgin’s alter was set aside in this alcove.
Time to say a prayer for Mom.

A plaque mounted outside the cathedral.

The English translation in the center.

Spot checking some of the data Otto collected during the day. He was surprised to see our family names in the early 1700's. Every evening we would review the day’s activity and transfer data from his camera to his computer and to my USB flash drive.

It was hard to stop looking at the data and head for the restaurant.

Monday while Terri and I were out walking we stopped at a pizza shop. In the evening we told Otto to select the restaurant. Pizza again. They are laughing because I am standing on the bench to take the picture shooting down. Otto thinks I am a strange American.

Tomorrow will be our first day with Otto’s car. Using a map from the internet, which I printed at home, I’m reviewing my planned routes with Joschi. The route for tomorrow to Terebesti is simple. The one for the next day to visit Homorodu and Sii is not so simple.

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