Satu Mare, Romania - Part 2

This is our second day touring Satu Mare’s downtown area. While we were walking around we decided to look for the ‘No Pardon Pub’ restaurant which Roxie recommended. If we were back at the hotel we could look up the address on the internet. But that was too far away; so we had to ask for directions. But first we had to find someone who spoke English. It seems that 1 out of 5 were able to speak some English. The one’s who knew of the Pub only knew approximately where it was located. They all seemed to point us in the same direction. Then we asked a girl who knew the street and about where it was located. We found that street and started walking in the direction she told us. It seemed we walked for blocks and blocks. So we turned around and walked back. We found it almost where we started - we walked right by it!

The Somesul River runs west to east and divides Satu Mare in half. Our hotel is south of the river and the downtown area and the archives are north of the river. We are on our way to the downtown and are crossing the river. From far it looks good. We would use that tall building as a benchmark as to where we are.

Not the cleanest river.

We passed this Greek Catholic church and decided to see what the inside looks like.
It seems all of the churchs are outstanding.

The No Pardon Pub. We were looking for a restaurant which looked like a restaurant.
You enter on the right by going up the driveway and around back. The only name shown is the shield.
The outside of the building is not impressive.

There is a big garden area in back with covered patio's on both sides.

We had a nice table and the weather could not have been better. Their rotisserie pit is in the background.

The waitress saw me taking a picture of it and came over and opened it up for me.

My roast duck meal.

What I liked about the major intersections in Satu Mare was the pedestrian signals.
The red signal indicates the seconds left before it turns green and you can walk.

The green signal indicates the seconds left before it turns red and you can walk.

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