Terebesti, Romania - Part 3

It's Friday and the Archive is closed. So today Otto and Anuta can relax from taking pictures of documents and head to Terebesti with Terri and me. I am sure that Otto cannot wait. I found out today that he has not been back to Terebesti in 47 years. We we met Joschi and Irena for dinner last night in Satu Mare. Afterwards they headed back to Terebesti to stay with Laslie.

I am still not sure what name Laszlo goes by. I kept calling him Laszlo and Otto keeps calling him Laslie. So now I will switch all my documents to Laslie. That way I will be the only one confused.

The first day we were here we talked about a lot of different things. I wish I would have had a recorder. Some things I felt I would never forget. But now that I am home and trying to describe things Iím drawing a Blank!

At the restaurant the night before, Joschi was talking about the Saint Anna shrine next to his brotherís house. I did not remember seeing a shrine. He said that the fire in 1937 destroyed six houses in a row. The house where his brothers is now located was the last in the line to burn. The house next to his did not burn even though the wind was blowing in that direction. The shrine to Saint Anna was between the two houses. The people felt that Saint Ann stopped the fire. The shrine is still there and well maintained. The house that it saved has since been tore down and it is now a vacant lot.

Ascension Church is the Roman Catholic church in Terebesti. They keep it's doors locked during the week. Since Margareta is the oldest in the village, she gets to sit in the front row and next to the isle. People sit in the church according to age, oldest to youngest. Women on one side the men on the other. I remember growing up at Saint Margaret of Hungary church in Cleveland, Ohio. The pews on the right side of the church had clips to hold mens hats. When I was younger I used to play with them and usually ended up catching my finger. I assume that when the church was first built, the men sat on the right side and the women on the left. At that time the women were required to wear a head covering in church; no need for hat clips on that side of church.

On the road to Terebesti. We are just comming into the village before the new pavement starts.

Terri, Otto, and Anuta. Otto is back for a visit after 47 years.

Meeting Joschi and Laslie (Laszlo) in front of Laslie's house.
The St. Anna Shrine is that little building behind teh red car.

Having lunch at Laslie's house.
Otto, Laslie, Joschi's wife Marie, Laslie's wife Irena, Pityu, and me.

Joschi, Anuta, Otto and Laslie in front of the Saint Anna Kapelle shrine.

They keep it locked. Laslie sent for the woman who has the key so we can see inside.

The sign over the door.

The woman who maintains the shrine is very proud of it.
She almost ran here from her home when she heard that we wanted to look inside.

It is very beautiful, I wish it had glass doors so people driving by would be able to see in.
I think that Saint Anna Kapelle is a German saint.

Ascension Church. It is still well maintained even though there is no priest in residence.
Margareta has the key so we had to send for her to let us in.

The doors are unlocked and open. Lets go in.

Pityu did a lot of the finish woodwork.

Terri and Pityu are up in the choir loft.

This picture really turned out nice.

The view from above.

This is the house next to the church. Mrs. Rist stayed here when she tried to come back.

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