Terebesti, Romania - Part 4

This will be Terri and my last visit to Terebesti before leaving for Budapest. Otto and Anuta will be staying at least another week. So Terri and I would like to see a little more of Terebesti before we leave.

I would like to make a detailed tour of the Terebesti cemetery and, if possible, find the graves for my great grandparents. I would also like to see the house my dad grew up in. When his father was in the USA (for approximately 9 years) making money he was raised by his Grandfather Krucz. Laszi said he knows where the Krucz house is located.

Otto would like to see the Mekker Cross today.

When we leave Terebesti I would like to pass through Ghilvaci. My dad talked about some friends/relatives in that village. Joschi said he will drive his car and take Laszi and Pityu with him. We will follow in Otto’s car. We can stop at the Ghilvaci cemetery and then go on to the next village. They will turn around and head back to Terebesti and we can proceed on to Satu Mare.

It looks like the rest of our day is now planned.

We are back at Olga's house for a quick lunch before heading to the cemetery.

The road to the cemetery takes us by the school house (on the left).

This is the back of the school house.
Fenced in play area (overgrown with weeds) and at the end of the playground a two hole outhouse.

Most of the post WWII graves are these large cement tombs with large headstones.

This is to be Margareta's resting place; along side her husband who died in 1985.
I see that I have her name mispelled on the family tree.

My grandfather (Jozsef) and his wife (Agnes Krucz) resting place.

My Great Grandfather. Pityu said he was not part of our family and kept walking.

This is our Great Grandfather. Except it is Terri's Great Great Grandfather.

Magalena Czumbil, our Great Grandfather's second wife. (Pityu and my step Great Grandmother.)

Most residents grow and raise some of their own food. Rabbit anyone?

Laszi likes to play music on his keyboard.

Marie and Anuta dancing to Laszi's music.

Marie and me dancing to Laszi's music. After this dance I asked for a Czárdás.

Marie was surprised I could dance the Czárdás. It has been 65 years but I think I did okay.

At my request Laszi took us to the Krucz house. We think that this is where dad grew up. It was purchased last year by a young couple. They are in the process of a major fix up. They invited us into the yard to look around and they would answer questions.

The house had an attached two room animal shelter. But the beams holding the roof up started to giveway. So they removed the roof and part of the walls. They plan to reconstruct part of it. It is used to house the animals during the winter. They built the white one on the right as a temporary shelter. The barn looks a lot like the other old barns in the village.

The owner is talking with Anuta. The walls of the house and center wall in the shelter are about 3 feet thick of mud and straw. There are bricks on the bottom.

At the Mekker Cross.

We are now in the Ghilvaci cemetery. Here are three names we know.

Two more names we know.

I was surprised to see several Betukers.

It is time to say goodbye. We enjoyed meeting relatives we knew of on paper but never met.

The is a summary of the names we recognized in the four cemeteries.

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