2014 - Motorhome Accident - 9 AM, April 4 2014

I guess into every life a stupid accident will happen. My motorhome decided to run into a storage building while I was getting a bottle of water out of the refrigerator.

The truth really hurts. I just got back into the motorhome after depositing the rent envelope in a slot in the office door. The motorhome was parked alongside the campground office on a very slight slope. The storage building was about 30 feet in front of the motorhome. As I sat down in the driverís seat I noticed that I did not have a water bottle in the cup holder. I got up to get a bottle of water out of the refrigerator. I left the motorhome in neutral (I thought it was in park). I took a water bottle from the refrigerator and as I was walking back to the driverís seat I noticed the storage building in front getting closer. Then I realized the motorhome was rolling toward the building. As I jumped into the driverís seat the motorhome struck the roof eave. Both windshields shattered. And the rest is history!

This was the only damage to the building.

The eave of the building hit was just above the windshield.

The top front fiberglass cap overlaps the fiberglass roof.

The top cap, besides being crushed in front, pulled away from the side.
The vertical black molding also is damaged.

Moldings and panels inside were also bent and broken.

The wood facing and metal panels are also broken and bent.

Cabinet facings on both sides of the TV and the TV facing are broken.

The cabinets along both side walls are bent out of shape.

Getting ready to tow the motorhome to the repair shop.

April 5, Parked at the repair shop.

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