2014 - Outdoor Resorts - Visiting with Sue, Hannah, and Karen

I am enjoying a lot of company this trip. Iris helped move me after the accident and stayed for Mom’s last cruise. Sue and Hannah came down for 6 nights. Karen came down for 13 nights; which included a 2 night overlap with Sue and Hannah. In a couple of weeks I will have visits from Terri & Kenny, Iris’ family, and Luke’s family.

I added three map pictures to show where ORA is located and the units we are renting.

I rented unit 615 for four nights when I first arrived. It was only unit available and it was only avaiable for four nights. The owner of the site I usually rent for the motorhome called me and told me his sisters unit would be available after I leave 615. So now I am in unit 245 and it is available for the rest of the summer if I need it. I hope not! Sue and Hannah rented unit 625. Terri and Kenny will also be renting unit 625. Luke’s family and Iris’ family will be renting 305 and 315. I am not sure who is in which at this time.

Outdoor Resorts is located on a 40.2 mile long barrier island. It starts at Port Canaveral up north and extends to Sebastian Inlet down south. It has the Indian River on the east side and the Ocean on the west. The Indian River is between 1.5 and 2 miles wide in this area. The river level goes up and down with the ocean tides.

Clarification: Outdoor Resorts or ORA – Outdoor Resorts of America at Melbourne Beach. ORA is a group of 10 or 12 high end Condo-RV parks located in the US. Each RV site is privately owned and like a condo, the members share the cost of the common areas. We have been to six ORAs.

Mom and I always enjoyed eating out. We had four restaurants which we rotated between: The Chart House, Café Coconut Cove (German), Villa Palma (Italian), and Dos Amigos (Mexican). We went to the Chart House every Monday and then picked one of the other three for Thursday. So when we have company we want to make sure they get to visit our favorites.

Map #1 - Shows location of ORA and our favorite restruant, The Chart House.
This causeway to the island (State route 500 is also US 192) is one of five causeways.

Map #2 - Shows the location of the swimming pools and fishing pier.

Map #3 - Show the units we are renting.

Sue and Hannah enjoy bike riding while at ORA. They rent bikes for the week and go on daily 10 mile rides.
Usually in the morning before the heat of the day.

Because they just arrived from winter weather in New York,
they start out on the back roads to get the feel of bike riding again.

We have a north wind today, the temperature is in the high 70's.

Enjoying a sunset in a cool breeze on the fishing pier.

Hannah really enjoys the ocean surf. Until she gets flipped upside down.
Then it is time to go to the pool.

Eating fish taco's and enjoying the sunset over the Indian River.

Karen, Hannah, Sue, and me; After a great meal at Villa Palma.

We are stuffed want to go back to the trailer and relax. But it was Sue and Hannah's last night and we had plans to view the sunset and then play shuffleboard.

Playing under the lights. Karen and me against Sue and Hannah.

Sue and Hannah were too good for us.

They won a close match.

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