2014 - Outdoor Resorts - Sue, Hannah, and Karen - part 2

Today is Sue and Hannah's last day. The bikes have been returned, the trailer cleaned, bedding and towels washed, and suitcases packed. They want one last trip to the ocean before heading to the airport.

Sue also wanted to be at the ocean pool at noon to see if Dean would have a pie for them to eat. It has been a long battle between Sue and Dean as who makes the best apple pie. Sue uses Mac's and Dean uses Granny Smith. Sue bought Dean a bag of Granny Smith apples yesterday and tried to shame him into making the pie. We were there at noon and so was Dean, but no pie.

At the Ocean Pool - Dean telling one of his many theories about everything under the sun.
It is hard to stop a conversation with him. He just keeps going and going.

Even Hannah enjoys listening to him. See how crowded it is in the pool and area?

Enjoying the view from the Ocean Pool gazebo.

It is Karen's third day and she still has to get used to the laid back life of a beachcomber.

Every year a mourning dove makes a nest ontop of this light fixture. She is sitting on the eggs.

A fisherman caught this shark and left it on the beach. That is a no-no.

Jimmy is fishing, Emma is sitting under the umbrella, and Sue does not want to leave.
She is looking out in the direction of where Mom is resting.

The water is 75 degrees. Hannah likes it; and Sue?

Sue and Hannah talking with Emma. Jimmy and Emma spend about 6 hours on the beach when fishing.
They arrive in the morning, bring lunch and then go home for dinner.

Fishing hasn't been good this year. He usually catches 3-4 meals a day. Lately he is happy to get one.

Emma enjoys reading or just watching the surf while Jimmy fishes.

Hannah can't understand why Sue will not change the flight so they can stay longer!

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