2014 - Outdoor Resorts - Visiting with Karen

After Sue and Hannah left it was time to introduce Karen to Jimmy, Emma, and Carol. And to have dinner at the rest of our favorite restaurants. When Hannah was here we gave her the choice of restaurants. She selected Villa Palma. The last time she was here we went to the Chart House and Villa Palma. She liked food at Villa Palma the best. She liked the view at the Chart House the best.

I asked Emma, Carol, and Jimmy over to meet Karen and for drinks and snackies.

Emma is on medication and only wanted a small amount of Bailey's Irish Cream on ice.
I used a mekkerfest glass and she would not give it back. So I gave Carol two mekkerfest koozies.

Having a German meal at Cafe Coconut Cove.

It looks like I am ready to fall off the chair.

The Indian River as seen from our table. Too many clouds for a sunset.

I am not sure why the waiter took a picture of my shoe and not the Indian River!

Having a Mexican meal at Dos Amigos.

Carol and Karen talking on Jimmy and Emma's patio.

Having German sausage at Jimmy and Emma's - and the best Manhattan. Shaken and not stirred

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