2014 - Outdoor Resorts - Visiting with Karen - part 2

Time really goes by fast when you are having a good time. Sue and Hannah packed a lot into their time and Hannah still did not want to go home. Time also flew while Karen was here. The next thing we knew it was Monday, the last day she was here. We kept putting off going to the beach and pools due to weather and other reasons. Fortunately, Monday was a beautiful day - it was just right for beach and pool. We also wanted to go a second time to the Chart House. So we packed a lot into the last day. I figured she could rest on the plane going home!

Karen sitting at the spot where Judy normally sat.
I told her she could look out 3 miles and see Judy making waves.

The sea was calm and the color was just how Mom liked it.
Karen relaxing in the sun and cool ocean breeze. I left for a short walk.

When I came back from my walk I found Karen sitting tilted like Mom always ended up.
It must be a Schalkey thing! If I walked any longer, she would have been on her side when I returned.

After the short walk and sit on the beach it was time to cool off in the Ocean pool.
It sure is crowded here this time of year!

I wanted Karen to try the middle pool. It is heated 2 degrees higher than the ocean pool.
She would not go in the 101 degrees spa.

Ready for her last trip to the Chart House.

Kim (with the purple hair flower/ribbon) making my drink.
Kim gave me a book to read but Karen took it home. Mom always traded books with Kim.

The view of the Indian River from our table at the Chart House.

This is the same view but using a flash.

Karen watching the sunset on her last day. Our friend Marty is with her.

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