2014 - ORA - Part J - Chris and Jim

I have a lot of visitors this year. I talked about Sue, Hannah, and Karen earlier.

Chris was down in Palm Beach for work and stopped by to visit Mom and "Her Ocean" one evening.
Then Terri arrived for the start of her 13 day visit.
Them Jimmy stopped for two nights after completing his work in Tampa.

Whenever someone visits I show them the resort, take them to one of our favorite restaurants and if possible look for nesting sea turtles at night.

Chris stopped by to visit. We are on the ORA beach and Mom is watching 3 miles behind us.

Having dinner at the Coconut Cove; our favorite German restaurant.

Terri wanted to have dinner in the Melbourne historic district. We had a great Irish meal.
Mom and I passed through the district many times but never stopped to shop or eat.

Terri on the beach in the early morning sun waiting for an Atlas V missile launch.
Due to the high winds this past week, we have a lot of seaweed on the beach.

It was not as impressive as a shuttle launch. We did hear the roar of the engines about 2 minutes after liftoff.

Having a laugh while waiting for the sunset over the Indian River.

Sunset over the Indian River. Each one is different. Most are beautiful.

Jim stopped by to relax after his work is Tampa.

Having a home cooked meal.

After looking at the beach, it is time to jump in the pool. It was hard finding a spare lounge chair:)

Enjoying the peace and quiet. Jim & Terri are watching a worker on top of the Ebb Tide next door.

It looks like he is spreading sand on a newly painted deck.

This fellow, with no safety harness, seems to be very brave as he side-stepped with the sand bucket.

Jim met his first Loggerhead sea turtle.

Having a Mexican meal at Cantina Dos Amigos.

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