2014 - ORA - Part K - Kenny is here.

Kenny arrived. It was his first visit to Melbourne Beach. Terri has been here hundreds of times and has never been able to talk Kenny into visiting.

When we told him the Jimmy would loan him a fishing rod to fish in the Ocean, he decided to check it out.

Kenny's welcome to ORA party. His introuduction to Carol, Emma, and Jimmy - his source of fishing rods.

Terri is happy that Kenny finally met our friends.
Note my expensive cofee table?

Showing Kenny the resorts Indian River fishing pier.

Kenny meeting his first Logerhead sea turtle. She is laying eggs.

Once she starts laying eggs she will not leave the nest until finished.
The egg cavity she dug in the sand with her hind flippers is about 18" deep.

While we were watching, many people stopped by to view the egg laying.

Heading back to sea after laying eggs and covering the nest.

She layed over 100 eggs. It is early in the season so she will be back in about 14 days to lay more.
Then she will take off for 2 years before coming back to lay again.

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