2014 - ORA - Part L - Sebastian Inlet

Today we headed for the Barrier Island Sanctuary Education Center. We wanted to show Kenny their outstanding Sea Turtle museum. However, it was closed. It is open six days a week, Tuesday to Sunday. We showed up on Monday!

So we continued on to Sebastian Inlet State Park. The Barrier Island, which we are on, is about forty miles long and has the Ocean on the east side and Indian River on the west. There is an inlet from the ocean up north at Cape Canaveral and one in the south here at Sebastian Inlet State Park. I guess it is really not an island because the inlets are man made. The inlets are very narrow and the river is very wide (2 mile average width). So when the ocean goes from low tide to high tide the water rushes in through the inlet. Then it rushes out as the ocean returns to low tide.

Highway A1A passes over the inlet on a high bridge which allows sailboats and fishing boats to pass under. Under the bridge on either side of the boat channel are walkways which fishermen use to fish in the inlet. On the ocean side, the inlet is protected by jetties on both sides which extend out into the ocean several hunderd feet. These jetties are also used by fishermen to fish the inlet water.

While walking on the jetties and walkways, Kenny enjoyed talking to the fishermen and seeing the fish swimming in the inlet water.

While we were on the walkway a fisherman with four lines in the water had a hit on two of them at the same time. While he was fighting one line, which was snagged on the bridge, Terri picked up the other rod to keep it from being pulled into the water. Kenny came over and relieved her; and had the time of his life. He could not believe that the fisherman did not drop the snagged line and take over the fighting fish. He told Kenny to do it. When the fisherman’s wife and her friend returned, Kenny handed over the rod to one of them. She did not know what to do. You could see that Kenny wanted to take the rod back but felt it was their opportunity to land a big one. More to follow.

The tide is ebbing and the water is rushing out of the inlet. On the left is the north jetty; the south jetty is on the right. The white dot halfway between the ends of the jettys is a returning fishing boat. There is a second second returning boat about two miles out at sea.

The bridge over the inlet. The boat channel is under the middle section.

Terri and Kenny enjoying the sights on the walkway under the bridge.
A Snowy Egret is keeping watch on the inlet.

The Egret left the bridge and is now on the shore looking for fish.

A sea turtle is making its way in the inlet.

A Manatee coming in from the ocean.

Manatee going under the bridge. A second Manatee is following right behind.

What looks like a large patch of seaweed in the center of the inlet is actually a huge school of fish which are feeding on something. Much larger fish are feeding of the school of fish.

The school of fish is getting larger and very active.
The white areas are fish very near the surface or breaking through the surface.

Looking straight down at the school of fish. There must be thousands of fish in the school.

Zoomed in and enlarged; you can see the fish.

Kenny asking the fisherman if he wants to take the rod. It is a big one.
The fisherman is only interested in trying to free the snagged line.

Kenny was really enjoying the fight. I told him it was getting late and we should go.
He looked at me like I was nuts! He couldn't talk!

Now for the ending. This picture is just before the ladies came back and Kenny handed over the rod.
The big fellow next to Kenny is now interested in what is happening. When Kenny handed the rod over to the lady and she showed no interest in fishing, the big guy asked her if she wanted help. She handed the rod over and Kenny looked like he lost his best friend. The big guy end up loosing the fish before it got close enough for Kenny to see what it was! Kenny's day was shot!!!! It is not fun to see a grown man cry!

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