2014 - ORA - Part M - More Family

Kenny was only here for four nights but that was long enough to have good meals at both the Chart House and Café Coconut Cove restaurants.

Iris and Luke also arrived with their families and, thanks to Kenny, they had the opportunity to fish on the ORA fishing pier in the Indian river.

Kenny and Terri having fun at the Chart House bar with Kim the bartender.

Another great meal at the Chart House.

Enjoying a German meal at Café Coconut Cove.

On the fishing pier at Café Coconut Cove.

Luke enjoying a night swim with the kids. - JJ, Sammie, Micah, Sienna, and Jaeda.

Jeff and Kenny looking at the catfish JJ caught.

Carolyn caught a ray and a catfish.

Samantha reeling in a fish while JJ looks on.

JJ caught another one.

JJ has a trout and Sammie has another catfish.

Kenny spent most of the evening baiting hooks, removing hooks, and throwing fish back.

He was also able to fish after the kids left. Another ray.

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