2014 - ORA - Part N - Low Country Boil

In the past, when Mom and I stopped at Iris and Jeff’s house in Savannah, they always made us a Low Country Boil. So this year Jeff asked if he could make a Low Country Boil while they were here at Outdoor Resorts. Of course I said yes; I would never deprive myself of something like that. He was going to bring the pot and burner but did not want to travel with a LP gas bottle. So I told him I would find one.

There was only one day which everyone would be together. Iris and Luke arrived on Tuesday, Kenny was leaving on Thursday. So Wednesday it was. Our friend Carol offered her gas bottle from her grill; Jimmy got two long tables from the resort; we all brought our appetites, and we were all set.

We set up at Iris and Jeff’s trailer. They had the best patio for this large of a group. Mom made sure it was sunny but not too hot and also provided us with a mild ocean breeze. In short, it was a beautiful day.

The boil consists of Shrimp-unpeeled, Snow Crab legs, Small Taters (Potatoes), Corn on the cob, Sausage or kielbasa, Butter, Cocktail Sauce. Plus onions (quartered), Garlic (whole), lemon, Old Bay seasoning, Red Stripe Beer (1 for pot & 1 for cook min.).

The big secret is when each item is placed in the pot and how many beers the cook had. The more beer he drinks the better the boil.

Iris, Luke and Carolyn watch as Jeff adds 12 pounds of Snow Crab clusters.

The last to go in was 10 pounds of shrimp. Emma, Carol, and Iris can't wait to eat.

It is ready. Jeff is letting it drain before dumping it into the serving pans.

Jeff, Kenny, and Luke working. Everyone else can't wait.

My mouth waters everytime I look at this picture.

Iris jumps in to help.

Everyone ready for dinner? Me, Jimmy and Kenny taking our share.

While the boil was cooking, the kids enjoyed riding around the resort.
JJ, Bella, Sienna, Sammie, Micah, and Jaeda.

Terri and Carol helping set the table.
Take a close look. It will be the last time you see a clean table.

Luke at the head of the table, then Carolyn, Jeff, Terri, and Kenny.

Carol on the left, then Emma, Jimmy, and Iris. - Carol brought the salad.

The boil was great. Now to take on the Chocolate cake which Emma brought.
Everyone pitched in and brought things. I just don't remember who brought what.

Marty joined us for cake.

I provided the drinks. Carol came up with a mixture none of us ever heard about.
Equal amounts of Whiskey, Baileys Irish Cream, and Amaretto.
I think I fell over just after I finished this glass. I rather have the drinks separate.

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