2014 - ORA - Part O - On the Beach 1

Iris and Luke's families are here now and enjoying the beach. There were too many pictures to put in one sequence so here is part 1.

It is a nice sunny day and just a breeze blowing. The ocean is calm and ideal for the kids.

Carolyn sitting in the shade with Micah.

It is hard taking a board out aginst the breaking waves.
I looks like a shark is breaking through JJ's board.

JJ, Sienna, and Sammie.

Bella riding a wave.

Luke taking Jaeda out a little deeper.

Maybe a little too deep!

Jaeda in a wave.

Micah playing in the surf.

Luke taking Micah out a little deeper.

Oops. I did not see that coming! Micah enjoyed it!

Jaeda, Sammie, Sienna

JJ having a ball.



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