2014 - ORA - Part P - On the Beach 2

Having fun on the Beach part 2

JJ and Sienna

Sienna and Sammie

Lookout kids, the surfers are getting ready to ride the waves.

Jeff wants to take someone for a ride.

Watchout Jeff, I do not think Luke's board has a steering wheel!

That's better, stay farther apart.

Luke getting on top of the wave?

Jeff caught a nice one.

I am not sure if this is proper way to dismount. But it looks like fun.

Bella, Carolyn, and Micah being watched by a Blue Heron.
The Heron is not used to seeing someone so short.

Micah wants to go over and say hello to the Heron.

The heron saw enough, it has places to go and things to do.

Goodbye, I'll see you later.

He landed up the beach. Bella wants to go over and talk.

So does Micah.

But the heron had enough. Goodbye.

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