2014 - ORA - Part Q - Going out for a special dinner

To the Chart House for a Great Meal. After dinner we played shuffleboard. I was not happy with the quality (not enough light for the distance) of the pictures. So I am not posting them. Everyone had a good time.

Tom answering questions about the kids meals.

We had a great table. Besides a great view of the Indian River and
boats arriving and leaving the marina, many birds dropped by to fish in front of us.

The kids enjoyed coloring their menus and kept busy.
The cousins never seemed to get tired of talking to each other. So

Jeff and Iris enjoying some alone time at the far end of the table.

Luke and Carolyn enjoying a peaceful moment.

Aunt Terri and Bella waiting for dinner.

Micah liked tasting the lime and making faces.

Carolyn cannot decide which to eat first.

The cousins had enough and want to go outside.

It is windy and the grass is nice and soft.
For some reason the birds are staying away.

Walking around the marina next to the Chart House.

JJ and Jaeda. I wonder if all cousins get along this well?

Micah wanted to stand. JJ, Jaeda, me, Sienna, Bella, and Sammie.

Jaeda always ready to pose for a picture.

Cousins, Sienna and Sammie.

Luke and Carolyn's family. Micah, Jaeda, Sienna, and Bella.

Iris and Jeff's family. JJ and Sammie.

With three of ten. Terri, Luke, me, and Iris.

Too many clouds of a final sunset at ORA.

It's 11 PM. Sienna and I were walking the beach looking for a nesting turtle and came across this turtle coming out of the water. It was a very dark night; no moon or stars. We quietly followed her up the beach hoping to see her make a nest. Before the turtle could build the nest, I received a phone call and the bright light of the phone screen spooked the turtle. She is heading back to the ocean. Sienna was worried about being left alone on the other side of the turtle while I took the picture.

Carolyn and Luke joined us and we found this turtle. We watched her build the nest and lay her eggs. She is getting ready to head back to the ocean. The sand on the turtle's back is from her covering the eggs and trying to destroy evidence of the nest. At 12:30 AM we headed back to the trailers.

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