2014 - Savannah - Samantha's 1st Communion

This very busy weekend started earlier in the week with the collection of serving items, tables, chairs, and a huge canopy from friends. Food was ordered from a restaurant and a special cake from a bakery. Friday afternoon the canopy was set up and then the heavy thinking of how the drinks, hors d'oeuvres, food, and cake would be set out and served. Three or four extra trips were made to various stores to get items (flowers, vases, ice and more ice….) which were used to complete the layout. Then the house furniture was moved and then moved again. Olive had that worried look; were they going to move my bed from the dining room?

I was ordered to makeup my daybed in the morning so people can sit in there in case of rain.

Then Iris and Grace started cutting up the fruit. The next thing we knew it was one o’clock in the morning. I am sure that I'm forgetting many of the other tasks which were done – it really was a very busy evening and night for all.

In the morning, Samantha, who has beautiful curly hair, wanted it straight. So Iris had to make it straight and then off to church they went at 8:30.

Waiting for the service to start. - Iris, Jeff, Nick, JJ, Fran, and Jeff. Nick is Sammie's Godfather.

Iris, Grace, Jeff. Grace is Sammie's Godmother.

Sammie on her way into church.

The 1st Communion class. Sammie is front row right.

Father Paul talking with the 1st Communion class.

Sammie helping take the gifts to the alter.

Receiving her 1st Communion.

A very happy Sammie.

With Monsignor Costigan.

At the Blessed Virgin's shrine. - This shrine was a Boyscout Eagle Project.

One last picture of the family in church.

With her Godmother.

With her Grandfather "Motorhome."

JJ is more interested in reading his new book.

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