2014 - Savannah - Samantha's 1st Communion Part 2

After the soccer game all efforts were put into getting ready for Samantha’s party. Outside the tables had to be set up, table cloths and flowers added. Chairs brought out of the garage and put into position. Christmas lights added to the canopy for the late evening crowd.

Inside the house last minute items were done and guests started to arrive. It was a very friendly and congenial group. Many different conversations were going on; from present and past life experiences to hockey. There was never a time when we did not know what to say or ask. We could not have asked for a better group to share Samantha’s 1st communion.

Lights are on the canopy, tables are ready, and chairs in place. - Olive gives her approval.

The backyard is ready and Olive will keep the squirrels off the tables.
Our attention now goes inside.

The first round of food has been served and the happy couple can now relax.

Sandy and Bob - Bruins hockey fans - they have to leave by 7:30 to watch the game.

On the far side, left to right: JJ, Caleb, and Maya.

On the far side, left to right: Iris, Jeff, Sheila, Amy, Rob, and Katie.

On the far side, left to right: Sammie, Scott, Christina, Sandy, Bob, and Grace

At their own private table: Fran, Nick, and Jeff.

God Bless Samantha.

Sammie is ready to cut the cake.

I'm not sure if she got the first piece. The two girls wanted the roses in the middle of the cake!

Most of the guests left early to go to other1st communion parties. But they came back later.

Even though it was warm out, you can't have a party without a fire.

Enjoying the evening with Grace and Iris. The heat from the fire is distorting the picture.

Time to open presents.

A wonderful end to her day - 1st Communion, Good Friends, Good Food, and Presents!

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