Reunion Part A - Group Picture
Saturday, August 8, 2015

My first stop for this fall trip was the Family Reunion. We had another great reunion. Thanks Julie and Luke for all of the planning. Until you screw up you will have to keep planning it!

I do not plan to put comments with the pictures for the remaining Reunion parts. I have too many pictures and it would take too long. I still havenít completed my 2014 Europe trip update because of that.

I had a hard time limiting the number of pictures. These are the best of the bests.

In this part I show the best Family picture I have. Then I cropped approximately the left half, center, and right half. The cropped pictures all have the same height and should overlay on top of each other if you print them out.

Is someone going to count the attendies in this picture and compare it to the family tree?

Full Width Picture

Left Section

Center Section

Right Section

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